если сварить русалку получится рыбный суп или мясной?
time is passing very fast. My first semester in college is over and i have both A+. i am glad. Next one is English. This is going to be something.
Few days ago i went out with my girlfriend to the nearest lame lounge. As always full of lonely women and hungry young boys from Turkey.
We took 2 deserts and 2 sangria. And of course hooka. In the beginning lounge was empty but around 11 o'clock it was pretty full. In an hour the owner sent us another free drinks and we were smoking and drinking and dancing. Boys were fooling around but we did not care. What i do care is feeling of getting old. I know 26 is not the end of the world....but it is so not 18....
As usually i smoke to much of hooka and felt bad so i ask her to go home. I should not smoke so much,but i am a big fan of smoke;)
By the way my boyfriend just turned 29 today. Gosh it is almost 30. Furthermore, i gain few pounds and very not happy with that, especially after my yoga teacher moved to NJ and i can't find good classes.

Soon i will go home to Russia. Only for 2 weeks. Such a short time. I am so excited ...i hope they will last longer.