если сварить русалку получится рыбный суп или мясной?
Did you ever wanted..that something extraordinary happened to you? Something special..something magically unusual?
I love to imagine different stories, fantasies . Well it might not be a fantasy to someone who has experienced it . Since i was a child a dreamed about it. Wished for it...What does it feels? When you passing by hundreds of people whose life is simple routine and realize that miracle has happened to you.. And you feel something big-huge inside of your heart,your head. They might not ever understand or believe you-and this is definitely the hard part...but would it be meter? If the hole world can't share this miracle with me i would still want to be a part...
How childish it might sound..but i wish to read peoples mind or to be invisible. To disappear in one place and appear at another. To cure or to see future. Is it a curse or a gift? We afraid of things we don't know....we envy people who has thing that we don't.
How indescribably great would it be to fly above all ...with your body and you mind.
How it?