если сварить русалку получится рыбный суп или мясной?
okie dokie
so i applied for school. yea yeah i know it is a long story...but i start taking personal lessons. personal english lessons.
first one was weird. i felt like-i don't know shit.
i really hope it will get better
what else ..just 1,5 month and will see my dearest family again, can't believe it. and as always three weeks will pas like three days...
i bought a lot of gifts. some of them i sent via usps. they already arrived.
plus i have bunch of stuff with me. so i'll be like freaking snegurochka.;)
miss them so much. more than 5 time.
when i am there it feels like some kind of dream. i understand where i am...and can't believe it at the same time.
relationship ok. skip it
oh yeah we also going to florida for few days. that should be fun. looking forward to it