если сварить русалку получится рыбный суп или мясной?
unbelievable...5 years....5 long fucking years and i have nobody-u hear no-body. just him. no friends,-nothing. i can't go out -i don't have anybody. i can't share my fillings,my thoughts,my happy moments... my pain. ...is this always will be this way? than omg.
i am lost. i am angry. i have so much blackness inside-jealousy,trust issues,complains....and more and more
i can't fight with them, i can't bit them. and i am making my life miserable with my own hand.
after this stupid situation i don't want to see his gold friends even more than before! bunch of assholes. two-faced people.
and i am nobody for them.
i hate to be hated and i like to be liked.
fucking theater.
i don't know what to do. i don't want him. most of the time i just want him/me to disappear. DD...common help me out some how.
my family-hates each other. they don't talk to each other. i feel like drinking even tho i don't.and btw i don't sleep. just don't
this is my life

2010-10-19 в 17:03 

Пробуй. Ошибайся. Вставай. Иди дальше.
что имеем не храним.

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