если сварить русалку получится рыбный суп или мясной?
either i am here only when i feel fucked up....or this diary is only about depression
and guess what? i feel fucked up
it is one of those lovely moments when everything-your relationship and your job heaving big and huge damn problems
this monday i was told that i am kinda fired. no not like fired -fired but i have to come to work 5 days like nothing wrong.
they sent me on unemployment. which is only $260 dollars...are u kidding me? what am i supposed to do? how am i supposed to live?
and still come to work.....e moe
and bf of course can somebody act like an asshole 24/7 and pretend like we cool?
we speak different languages ....he does not care about me at all. i mean at all....i am crying none stop for two weeks...which only make him feel sick.

i don't is just so hard..all by ur self
so hard